Eternal Remembrance with the Bio Cooler Memorial Salt Urn – Sustainable and Meaningful Tribute


Size: Adult

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Bio cooler Himalayan Rock Salt urns are innovative and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cremation urns. These unique urns are designed to hold the ashes of a loved one and promote a sustainable approach to memorialization. What sets them apart is the use of a special, biodegradable material that is not only durable but also environmentally friendly. As the urn slowly dissolves in water, it releases cremated remains and essential minerals, providing a beautiful way to return the ashes to nature.

Adult size

Height- 11"
Diameter- 8"
Capacity- 220 Cubic Inches
Material -Himalayan Salt 

keepsake size

Height- 5"
Diameter- 3.5"
Capacity- 20 Cubic Inches
Material - Himalayan Salt 


Includes- Bag, Glue, String
Ships in molded Styrofoam

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