Red Onyx Urns for Lasting Tributes


Size: Adult Size

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 Crafted from the heart of scarlet earth, RedOnyx Urns stand as timeless vessels of remembrance, where fiery elegance and solemn reverence converge. Each urn, a masterpiece forged by nature's artistry, holds the stories of lives lived passionately, their vibrant narratives forever sealed in the embrace of this exquisite red-hued treasure

6 Stone Color Variation Available

Adult size

Height- 10.5"
Diameter- 8.5"
Capacity- 220 Cubic Inches
Material - Marble

keepsake size

Height- 4"
Diameter- 2.5"
Capacity- 14 Cubic Inches
Material - Marble


Includes- Bag, Glue, String
Ships in molded Styrofoam 

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